Jan 2023

I thought it would be really helpful to update my understanding of how best to meet the growing needs of my students in class and have taken a course with YogaCampus London for “Supporting Pregnant and Postnatal Students in General Yoga Classes”.  My favourite takeaway from the course so far is “Golden Thread Breath’


May 2020

Lockdown has given me time to expand my repertoire of offerings to now include Chair Yoga, specifically aimed at senior students.  So if you, or a friend or loved one would benefit from some gentle chair-based movement, stretching and relaxation, then please contact me for details :)


Mar 2020

look out for me @charlie_peers on Instagram for free 55minute flow yoga once a week and a daily grounding “Cuppa and Calm’ breath practice that’s designed to take as long as it does to boil the kettle and leave you feeling more centred and relaxed. With love…


Jan 2017

A massive thanks to Dawn Wright for her heartfelt instruction and inspiration on her "Teaching Vinyasa Yoga CPD" weekend training.  The course took place at White Space Studio in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes and I came away from it with new teaching and sequencing tools and refreshed enthusiasm for vinyasa!

Let's get started....


Throughout this year, I have had some amazing opportunities to take class and practice with some of the world's best Yogis...from both Swenson brothers: David and Doug; to Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman-Yeewith their wonderful immersion weekend at Triyoga London; with Cat Alip-Douglas, Claire Missingham, Sally Moir in Sydney and Hortense Suleyman thrown in for good measure along the way!  I also attended a very informative "Reading Bodies" workshop with Lisa Sanfilippo.


As a result my own personal practise has benefitted and my understanding has deepened.  Truly, yoga is an amazing gift and it is wonderful to be able to undertake fabulous and challenging classes the world over! 

March 2015

I have just finished Hot Power Yoga's Hands-On Assisting Program with Dylan was entirely fabulous! Not only did we learn a myriad of hands-on assists to develop a students' yoga experiences and postures, but we also were given the opportunity to assist in two of Hot Power Yoga, Clapham's, regularly scheduled classes under the guidance of Jess Campbell, Lead Assist at HPY. 

The assists given were of great value in increasing my own yoga experience and I shall be sure to bring this new-found knowledge to my work with students in the classes I teach.  I feel that my teaching has been elevated!!

I am so excited to grow further in this area so that I can enrich and elevate the experience of those I have the joy of teaching :)

March 2014

So, last weekend was fabulous!  Apart from submitting a final written assignment, I have now completed the Special Yoga Centre's Teaching Yoga to Children course.  I feel much more equipped to run my nursery Children's yoga classes and am especially keen to allow the children space to direct where their yoga sessions go....something there was a good deal of emphasis placed on during the course.


And I have also experienced a Family Yoga class now too.  Look out Hatfield: I'm coming with another raft of ideas! 


Feb 2014

I am really excited to have had my enrolment for the Special Yoga Centre's "Teaching Yoga To Children" course accepted.  The course takes place over two weekends in October 2013 and March 2014.


The first weekend was great!


I attended an introductory Ashtanga workshop with Herts Yoga in June. This 2 hour workshop explored the Standing Postures of the Primary Series and some of the Seated Postures.  It was enjoyable and challenging, especially for someone coming from a more Hatha oriented background.....I think I need to go more deeply into Vinyasa yoga!


So....I saw a "Vinyasa to Live Piano Music" workshop offered by Triyoga and decided it sounded wonderful.  I took my friend Jane along for company and we both came out feeling energized and soothed!  Saskia Vidler who led the workshop was amazing!  Seek her out if you like flow.


This coming weekend I am attending a Vinyasa training, again at Triyoga, but this time with Claire Missingham, entitled

"Asana Alignment, Sequencing + Vocal Arc Training".  I am sure it will be challenging but will add to my growing understanding of teaching flow.  Can't wait!


I attended Alexander Filmer-Lorch's workshop in Southend-on-sea in September last year called "From Speed to Stillness and Beyond".  I am hoping this course will also prove very useful, personally and professionally, equiping me with new skills that I can bring to my classes.  The 'walking in the back of the body' technique provides a really useful way to explore where your focus is!